Auckland, New Zealand

Tioga Lake

Auckland is a modern city of over one million people surrounded by sub-tropical islands and lush native rain forest. It is situated on the sparkling, blue waters of one of the most beautiful gulfs in the Pacific. Home of the America's Cup, it offers an eclectic mix of multi-cultural cuisine, theatre, music, fashion, sport and leisure lifestyle.

Population: The population of the city of Auckland is 382,000 . The population of greater Auckland is 1.18 million.

Location:Auckland is located in New Zealand. New Zealand is located in Oceania; the islands in the South Pacific Ocean, southeast of Australia.

Climate:Temperate with sharp regional contrasts; often described as muggy; never scorching hot, and the heat is always tempered by a sea breeze. Winters are generally mild but rainy.

Local Time:The local time of Auckland is Greenwhich Mountain Time +12 which is twenty hours ahead of Los Angeles.

Capital of New Zealand:The capital of New Zealand is Wellington.

National Day of New Zealand:Waitangi Day, 6 February (1840) (Treaty of Waitangi established British sovereignty)

Flag of New Zealand:The New Zealand flag is blue with the flag of the UK in the upper hoist-side quadrant with four red five-pointed stars edged in white centered in the outer half of the flag; the stars represent the Southern Cross constellation.