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Giza, Egypt flag of Egypt



Sister City since:

November 21, 1989


Distance from L.A.:

7,606 Miles


Population: The population of Giza is over 1 million. The population of Egypt is 68,359,979.

Location: Giza is located in Egypt. Egypt is located in Northern Africa.

Climate: The climate of Egypt is desert with hot, dry summers and moderate winters

Local Time: The local time of Giza is Greenwhich Mountain Time +2 which is ten hours ahead of Los Angeles.

Capital of Egypt: The capital of Egypt is Cairo.

National Day of Egypt: Anniversary of the Revolution, 23 July (1952)

Flag of Egypt: The flag of Egypt has three equal horizontal bands of red (top), white, and black with the national emblem (a shield superimposed on a golden eagle facing the hoist side above a scroll bearing the name of the country in Arabic) centered in the white band; similar to the flag of Yeman, which has a plain white band .

Currency: The currency of Egypt is 1 pound.

Giza is most well known for its famous pyramids. Giza's apogee coincided with the reign of Salah al-Din when its Sunday market attracted vast crowds. But the area's vulnerability to floods caused problems and it wasn't until Ismail laid the Pyramids Road, drained swamps and built a palace in the 1860s that Giza became fashionable again. As Giza's population topped a million, a wave of development devoured the crumbling villas.

map of Egypt

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